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Insecure Attachments: Yes, how our parents treated us MATTERS

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You don't want to blame your parents. You think everyone should own their actions and behaviors and emotions and thoughts.

I understand the revulsion to either over-blame others, or over-blame ourselves. It can be hard to find the right balance of responsibility, especially when we're feeling angry, hurt, alone, confused.

I'd like to tweak that word blame. To finding a greater understanding of why we are the way are because of important things like who are parents are, how they treated us, and what our family was like. Understanding is important.

What is Attachment and Why Does It Matter?

Humans are biologically designed to need care, love, comfort, soothing and safety. This is especially true for young children.

Without these 5 things, children have trauma responses in their brains.

Sometimes this trauma processes through, some children are more resilient than others, and they are less affected as older children and adults. Other times, the trauma stays stuck in our brains and influences the way, we as adults, have rela