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You find yourself in difficult relationships whether romantic, with family, with friends or with colleagues.  You might have improved relationships over the years, and feel better about them than in your past, but still find yourself feeling inadequate with others you care deeply about.

Sometimes this plays out as a fear that they will leave you, become distant with you, or will find someone else to take your place.  Other times it feels like you bend over backwards to show love and appreciation, but get little in return.

You crave that closeness, at the same time want to preserve your independence too. You do not want to be dependent on anyone or so attached to someone that your world centers on someone else.  This balance is stressful to manage.

The stress of being in relationships like this, with a constant sense of inadequacy, paired with feeling indignant at giving so much, feeling like you deserve much more but can't quite achieve that, it takes its toll.

You have begun to look inside and have asked yourself how you can attract and choose a different sort of relationship, one that fulfills all of your needs, and offers you emotional intimacy and the independence you need.  This is where you get stuck, and this is exactly where I can help you.

We work together to figure out the patterns that were difficult for you, why those patterns kept appearing in your life and how to stop this cycle.  We identify what your needs are and how to feel more adequate and more fulfilled in interdependent relationships moving forward.


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