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Things often have to be just so.  If you don't find something where you left it, if plans don't go as expected, if someone asks you the same inane question one more time.  It's almost like a pressure cooker.  When things aren't just so, it feels uncomfortable, anxious, you feel edgy.

You've always achieved, degrees, jobs, maybe a family, but whatever you do, it never feels enough.  If you could just get that next promotion, just find a partner, just lose that 15 pounds, just get your child to college .... then maybe, just maybe, everything will be okay, you'll feel complete.

Each achievement might feel good for a moment, but inevitably, you begin to feel like you are still not enough, and look for another achievement to help fill that void.

Maybe you criticize others or yourself when you're feeling low or out of control.  It's probably affected your relationships, this need to have things a certain way.


When things are out of order, you feel out of control.

When things aren't good enough, you feel not good enough.

Psychotherapy and EMDR can help you truly feel the success you've achieved and

finally feel  in control while shedding the need  for control.


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