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Is EMDR right for you?

There are times when you say or do something and it feels out of your control. 

Maybe an over the top reaction to your partner, maybe tears or anger that rush your body and end in sadness. 

You try to control these emotions, and sometimes succeed.  But inevitably, someone close to you says something, or pulls away and you flood with emotion.  When this happens, you react, usually with anger, irritation, contempt, criticism, defensiveness.  Ultimately this spirals the conflict to a worse place, and leaves you feeling alone again.

You want to be close with friends, family, your partner, but you don't let anyone get too close.  Because they might see the most vulnerable parts of you and that possibility feels frightening, maybe excruciating.

Hearing, seeing and experiencing terrifying things as a child has left its imprint on you, but you've used this as a spring board to success instead of a crutch.  You don't want pity, sympathy or to appear weak.  Many people in your life don't know the depth of it.

Sometimes alcohol or television are the only ways to quiet your mind enough to take the edge off, to feel a tiny bit of peace.

There is a face that the world sees, that is capable, competent, well put together.  There is another part of you that is hidden, that feels emotions too deeply, feels insecure about many things, and sometimes feels hopeless to change your way of coping.

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What is EMDR?


EMDR is a revolutionary treatment that treats trauma.  A trauma is defined as any circumstance or event that has a lasting negative impact on your life.  EMDR is evidenced based treatment for traumas that typically lay underneath anxiety, depression, PTSD, low self esteem, among many other difficulties.

This treatment is non-invasive, and I provide this treatment in my office.

What this looks likes practically is that we spend a few sessions (typically 2-4) preparing, assessing, building rapport and making sure you're a good candidate for EMDR.  Then I guide you through the treatment. 

EMDR can effectively help with : shame, unworthiness, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, childhood physical emotional and/or sexual trauma

Please feel free to email or call me for more information on EMDR.

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