You either try to talk down the voice, or ignore the voice that criticizes everything you do and everything you say.  Well, maybe not everything, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

When good things happen, it's hard for you to feel happy without the nagging feeling that is waiting for the other shoe to drop.  For the inevitable hardship that is ready to suck your joy, safety and security away.

At its core maybe you feel like you aren't good enough or worthy enough.  Maybe there is a paralyzing fear of failure or success. 

The worries fly through your mind constantly, sometimes binge-watching Netflix or polishing off that bottle of wine is the only way to quiet everything down for just a moment in time.  Then you wake up the next morning not only to the same worries, but a headache and maybe some guilt for the extra glass or checking out on your partner last night.

This heaviness has been with you for far too long.  It's time to set it down.  I can help you do that.

We will create a space for you to deeply process and heal what is underneath your pain, your anxiety, your depression, your [insert any burning reason why you came to therapy here]. 


Some of the topics we may discuss include your early relationships, current relationships, triggers, emotions and coping.

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