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You want to be the best parent you can be, but sometimes, you just don't have enough.  You have so many questions about how children develop and are unsure navigating the thousands of books, blogs and friendly anecdotes that surround you.

You're looking for a way to parent gently, but firmly and want a healthy relationship with your child.

You might be a new parent looking for help on breast vs bottle, co-sleeping vs cribs, baby wearing or pacifiers.  It seems like for every article you read, there is an opposing point of view.  All you really want is accurate information and to feel like you are doing the best for your child.

Why does it seem so easy for everyone else?



Healthy parent-child relationships heavily influence how children behave, how they treat others, their ability to do well in school and be emotionally regulated for years to come.


Are you losing your patience or temper regularly and want to find a different way to manage yourself so you can interact more positively with your baby?


Are you looking for support and some guidance in how to navigate the bajillion ways to parent that are out there these days?


Do you want to feel more confident in yourself as a parent?

Do you worry that while trying to love and nurture your child, as much as humanly possible that they are going to become spoiled, entitled or bratty?












This parent coaching service includes evidenced based tools and information to encourage that relationship while enforcing firm boundaries with your children. 

My program and perspective is built on a combination of respectful parenting (RIE) and practical attachment parenting.  We work together to identify what isn't working in your relationship, how you'd like it to look and a step by step plan to reach your goals.  All the while I continue to share information about healthy emotional development for the child to keep in mind as we develop goals.

I work especially well with first time mothers looking for guidance in parenting their infant(s).

A big focus of these sessions is looking within the parent and include self improvement and insight in order to parent the way you want and raise emotionally healthy and connected children.

Two blogs that I read regularly and authors I highly recommend for more information:


Dr. Laura Markham is a fantastic resource for nurturing a healthy relationship and accurate information on how children develop and what they need:


Janet Lansbury is a great resource on setting boundaries, respecting children as their own beings and a kind, neutral approach to stressful parenting situations:



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